Links to The Head Start Learning Outcomes Framework, The Florida Early Learning and Development Standards, and A Crosswalk between the two, and a link to most state standards.

Lists of KidVision Pre-K content – Virtual Field Trips, Jobs People Do, 360-degreeVocabulary Videos, and a list of content you can find on You-Tube - Music Time, KidVision Kreations, Healthy Habits & New Words. Also, A list of Standards covered under KidVision Field Trip Learning Units.

Directions and Materials to create a Lesson Plan Portfolio and a Student Standards Achievement Portfolio.



National Head Start Learning Outcomes Framework

National Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework - Ages Birth to Five 2015

Marco de Head Start sobre los resultados del aprendizaje temprano de los niños Desde el nacimiento hasta los cinco años.


Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Old

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards


Cross Walk Between Head Start Outcomes and Florida Standards

Crosswalk between the Florida Early Learning Standards for Four-Year-Olds and the National Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework


Early Learning Standards for Most States

Early Learning Standards and Guidelines


KidVision Pre-K Content & Standards Covered in Each Unit

KidVision Pre-K Learning Units

Jobs People Do and ISPY 360 Degree Videos

KidVision Pre-K on YouTube

Education Standards covered by KidVision Pre-K Field Trips

KidVision Pre-K Alignment with Florida Early Learning and Development Standards for 4-Year-Olds


KidVision Pre-K Performance Portfolios

To compile portfolios, download Lesson Plans and Student Assessments located on Virtual Field Trip pages. Portfolios are documented proof that you taught learning goals dictated by National standards and tracked children’s achievement of those goals.

Why and How To :

Portfolio Materials for 4-Year-Olds:

Portfolio Materials for 3-Year-Olds:

Portfolio Materials for 2-Year-Olds:

Portfolio Materials for 18-24 Months: