Our active online professional development puts you in control of your standards training.

Video tutorials and support materials will help you understand the education standards you are responsible for teaching.

This page contains links to Head Start National Outcomes and Early Learning Standards for preschool and prek students.

Find a guide to all the content that KidVision PreK provides. Plus, an account of what standards are being taught during each unit.

Find directions and materials to create two professional portfolios: a Lesson Plan and a Student Standards Achievement portfolio. These prove that you have taught, and your children have demonstrated competency in, education standards that will prepare them for kindergarten.

Search for KidVision on YouTube to find even more free, sharable content for the classroom or the zoom room. You will find KidVision Virtual Field Trips, Jobs People Do, iSPY 360s, New Words, Healthy Habits, Story Time, Music Time, Dance Time, Kreations, Fun Field Trip Fridays and more!

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